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The benefits of simulation in passive vehicle safety

In recent weeks I have talked about road safety, crash tests and passive safety. Generally speaking, road safety is not just about crashworthiness, i.e. the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants, but there are many more facets. Meanwhile, from...

Brady Holt, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Rusty Haight, the human dummy

A short while ago I had the opportunity to talk about Murphy's Law and crash testing, which allowed me to introduce Murphy and Col John Stapp who, albeit indirectly, have given so much to the development of automotive safety. Reflecting on the characters...

The tyre model in virtual motorbike crash tests

  In the context of virtual modelling of motorbike crash tests, it is particularly important to use a tyre model that faithfully reproduces the real behaviour. This is one of the main aspects that differentiates the frontal crash of a car from that of a motorbike.