Cookies Policy


What is a cookie

A cookie is a short string of text that is sent to your browser and possibly saved on your computer, smartphone or any other tool used to access the Internet, every time you visit a website. Some operations could not be carried out without the use of cookies, which, in some cases, are therefore necessary for the correct operation of the site. In other cases, on the other hand, the site uses cookies to facilitate and facilitate navigation by the user or to allow the user to take advantage of specifically requested services. Cookies allow the sites that use them to keep track of the user's navigation within the site itself, for statistical or advertising purposes, i.e. to create a personalised profile of the user based on the pages he or she has visited and to show and/or send him or her targeted advertising. 

The stored cookies cannot be used to retrieve any data from the hard disk, transmit computer viruses or identify and use the owner's e-mail address. Each cookie is unique in relation to the browser and device used to access the Sinaptica Site. 

What cookies are used and for what purposes

This site uses different types of technical, but not profiling, cookies. The Owner lists below the specific categories of cookies, the purposes and the consequence of deselecting them: 

Cookie type


Storage times
Consequences of deselection

Technical cookies

Site Management. They enable the safe and efficient operation and exploration of the website. 

Valid for the browsing session

These cookies are necessary for the use of the Site. Blocking them does not allow them to function.

Analytical cookies

Collect information in aggregate about users' browsing to optimise their browsing experience and services 

Established by the third party

It would no longer be possible for the Controller to acquire the aggregated information

Why Sinaptica Srl uses cookies

In addition to technical cookies, which are necessary for the use of the website and without which the website itself could not function, Sinaptica Srl also uses cookies to remember the user's name in the registration pages and to analyze the traffic patterns of users visiting the Site, in order to improve usability. 

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies, i.e. cookies created by a website other than the one you are currently visiting, are also operational on this website. 

Below is a list of third-party cookies used on this site and links to their individual privacy policies:

Google analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc.
Google maps is a service for searching and displaying maps provided by Google Inc.
YouTube and Vimeo are two web platforms that allow videos to be shared and displayed online.
Twitter is a social network.
Facebook is a social network.

Deselecting and activating cookies

By accessing the site and passing the initial banner containing the brief information, the user gives his or her express consent to the use of the third party cookies indicated above. The selection/deselection of individual cookies can be done freely through your browser. For further information please refer to the following links: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Disabling third-party cookies in no way affects the navigability of the website.