Recreational vehicle

Design support services for recreational vehicle components such as motorhomes, caravans and motorhomes.

Identification of possible criticalities in new projects developed by the client or the improvement of existing systems. Verification of the resistance of caravan beds according to the client's specifications. The models created not only identified critical points in certain components but also made it possible to evaluate the use of new materials and new shapes. These problems are also similar for beds for cruise ships, where lightness is essential.

It is possible to reproduce tests according to regulatory, approval or certification standards, allowing the behaviour of the system to be assessed without producing a large number of prototypes for testing. A classic example is the evaluation of caravan door behaviour according to the US certification standard FMVSS No. 206 and support for the identification of suitable design solutions to pass the tests.

Evaluation of the behaviour of structural parts of motorhome smartrooms under varying dimensions and weight requirements, making it possible to determine the components subjected to the greatest stress. Structural analysis of car or caravan bike carriers according to various types of static analysis representing transport conditions (braking, cornering and jerking) and accidental analysis such as a collision with another vehicle or with road infrastructure during a manoeuvre.


Engineering, Mechanics, Simulations, Vehicles


April 29, 2020